Registration for the FT-Day is free of charge. You can register here for the individual presentations and workshops (as soon as they are known), this is non-binding and serves exclusively for room assignments based upon the number of visitors.


FT-Day Newsletter

What contents and subjects can I expect?
Be up to date with the latest news about the FT-Day, receive news on the exhibitors, the program, important changes and so on.
How often are newsletters sent out?
We try to maximise the information in the newsletter and send as few e-mails out as possible.
Double-Opt-In and Opt-Out
You will receive a second e-mail from our system (time delayed) to confirm the correctness of your registration.
Use of MailChimp
The newsletter is sent via “MailChimp” and your e-mail addresses are saved at MailChimp for future newsletters.
Data protection:
You can find detailed information on our website